Crowne Plaza Hotel is located close to the Old Town, see location on Google maps.

Local Transportation

Bratislava has a very good network of public transport (trams and buses). Detailed information on the public city transport (in Slovak: MHD for "mestsk√° hromadn√° doprava", an analogue to TPG in Geneva) in Bratislava is at:
Tickets for public transport need to be bought before you enter the bus, price is 0.7 euro for 15-minute ticket and 0.9 euro for 30-minute ticket. Tickets could be obtained in an orange ticket vendor machine located on most of the stops. Most of them accept euro-coins only, few newer ones (at the airport, train and intercity bus stations) also accept payment by credit or debit cards. During working hours tickets are available also in newspaper kiosks. You need to validate the ticket when you enter the bus (ticket time starts from the moment of validation).

The conference site has an excellent location in the city center and many attractions including the Old Town are within walking distance.

If you plan to use a taxi, we recommend to use either a mobile application (Uber, Hopin, Liftago taxi, Taxify) or to call a taxi cab by phone (recommended taxi telephone numbers are +421216222, +421216300, +421216777, +421218158, +421903646179). Taking a taxi on stands (Airport, train station, intercity bus station, or anywhere else) is not recommended in general, and if you really need to take taxi urgently feel free to negotiate your total fare with the driver in advance, being aware of an intense competition among taxi companies. Regular hotel taxi is available and convenient, possibly with inflated rates.

Taxi prices should be from 0.60-1.00 € per km (when ordered by telephone) to 1-1.5 € per km (when hailed in the street or a taxi stand), plus there is a universal 1.70-3.20 € starting fee.

Transport from Vienna Airport

3 bus companies run buses from Vienna to Bratislava
  • From bus stop "4" - Slovak Lines: you can get off at "Bratislava - Einsteinova" or at "Bratislava - main bus station" (Autobusova stanica Mlynske Nivy)
  • From bus stop "4" - FlixBus: you can to get off at "Bratislava - Einsteinova" or at "Bratislava - Most SNP (Bratislava City Center)"
  • From bus stop "3" - RegioJet: you can get off at "Bratislava - Einsteinova" or "Bratislava - Most SNP (SNP bridge)"
The buses arrive every ~30 minutes. The price for bus ticket is 5 - 6 euros depending on bus company. The ride takes 40-60 minutes.

How to get to Bratislava

Bratislava airport has direct connections to a few European cities (Milan, Rome, Brusseles, London, Madrid, Dublin, Prague), the airport is connected with the city centre by bus 61 (running every 20 min, travel time to the downtown is 25-30 min.).

Vienna airport is nearby around 45-60~min. by bus (three companies Flixbus , Slovaklines and Regiojet running every half hour) with good connections everywhere (including Geneva). For those going to Crowne Plaza or other hotels nearby, the bus stop to go is "Most SNP". We will provide some more info how to get from there to the hotels soon.

You can use numerous route planners to select your car route to Bratislava, e.g.: , or
Note : for the use of Slovak highways you need to pay a toll before entering the highway. For 10 days the price is 10 €.

The official currency in Slovakia is the Euro.

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